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Every story starts as an idea with the potential to transform readers. My mission is to help you write your story and deliver it to the world.

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I work one-on-one with select writers to

write books that are ready for traditional publishing. I guide writers through the entire process of building a manuscript, revising it, and pitching it to literary agents. I take great pride in helping writers see the unique value in their ideas and align that value with actual readers who love good books. 

I look for writers who

Already have an idea for a book (imaginative fiction, fiction based on real life, or memoir) and want to see it in the hands of readers. These writers seek expert guidance and are ready to invest in the creative process. They are accustomed to setting and achieving big goals. They will commit to every task and prepare for every coaching session. They are willing to make changes to existing scenes and chapters, as needed, so that readers have the very best experience. And they want to master the craft of storytelling, not just to finish the current book project, but to tell every story they have inside.


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