my name is Julie Tyler

As the founder of StoryBold and creator of the Author Exhange, I have dedicated my life to telling stories and coaching others to do the same.   

my name is Julie Tyler 

As the founder of StoryBold and the creator of the Author Exchange, I have dedicated my life to telling stories and helping others do the same.

through my work, I've learned what stories are capable of

Telling stories helps us to clarify our ideas, make sense of life's biggest challenges, develop empathy, and imagine new possibilities for humanity. Every time we put words on paper, we journey deeper into our own souls and find the most honest words to show what we find inside. We invite readers to feel new feelings, think new thoughts, and form their own perspectives about our subject matter. 

this is our gift to the world

imagine telling a story 

that speaks with your unique voice, delivers your timeless message, satisfies humanity's craving for meaningful experiences, and invites readers to become their higher selves.

imagine your story inspiring readers for generations to come

That's a future worth creating. I want you to create it with me. 

because the truth is, 

we have reached a pivotal moment in human history, when technology evolves faster than we can track, when we grow increasingly concerned about our planet, and when social media pervades every aspect of modern living. 

the world needs our stories

in which we describe human life with poignancy, offer fresh perspectives on any topic, and help to lift humankind.

Do you agree? Reach out here to discuss.

want to learn about how I got here?


my love for stories 

started very young and took me all the way to a doctoral program in literature at the University of Tennessee. But while I valued the skills I was learning in grad school, I realized that my true calling would lead me away from higher education. I then made the best professional decision of my life: to finish the doctorate and design my dream life, fueled by the power of stories.    

to design this life,

I hired mentors to help me build a brand, sell my services, design learning experiences, tell stories, and make every decision from a sovereign place. I created opportunities to write for the private sector, create relationships in the publishing industry, and generate my own income.

that's when StoryBold was born

a way for me to offer writers my very best: the dedication of a scholar, the mindset of an entrepreneur, and the soul of a creator. 

since then, I've made it possible for

all writers, regardless of their experience or skill level, to navigate the publishing industry with confidence, while staying true to their vision. With me, writers step into their own power, for a fraction of the price of a degree in publishing or creative writing.


through Storybold, I have proudly partnered with the following brands

to help writers around the world unlock their power and tell stories on their own terms. 

I teamed up with Transformation Academy to offer a comprehensive course, Writing your masterpiece, on their robust educational platform.


I contributed a publishing masterclass to Infostack's limited edition "super stack" for writers, Write Publish Profit 4.0. Sign-ups open Sept. 21-28, 2021.


I offered a style & voice masterclass for Daniel David Wallace's March 2021 online writing summit, now available as a self-study course. 


From 2018 to 2019, I partnered with Capital One to bring live writing workshops to Miami, Florida.


Raw Made's Creative Director, Enid Nolasco, developed the look and feel of StoryBold and provides ongoing design support. Stay tuned for the next StoryBold + Raw Made collaboration.


want to partner with me?

I would love to speak at your event, be a guest on your podcast, co-create a course, and more! Provide your information here. 

you are here to tell your story 

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