the world is waiting
for your story


my name is Julie Tyler

I founded StoryBold to help you write your masterpiece. Whether you want to write your story or there's a character whose story is waiting to be told through you, now is the time to turn your ideas into a book. 

you already know a book lives inside you 

... one that will entertain, enlighten, and inspire readers for generations to come. You know it will make a difference for others just like your favorite books have done for you. So, you can't wait for the day when you can hold all 300 pages in your hand and say, "Yes, I wrote this. And yes, I was born to create this."

you want so badly to unlock your potential and write the book

But no matter what you do, there are so many roadblocks in front of you, so many challenges making your goal seem impossible to achieve.

it's hard enough to   

find time in your busy schedule, deal with the overwhelm, and silence that nagging voice in your brain saying,

"Who am I to write a book?" 

but what really keeps you up at night 

is the fear that you'll write all 300 pages of this book and no one will want to publish it. You could self-publish it, but you don't know the first thing about being a one-person show, responsible for not only writing a whole book, but also formatting + promoting + selling it. Besides that, you've heard that far too many self-published books end up collecting dust. 

when you actually do sit down to write 

you convince yourself it’s garbage and no one will ever read it. So why bother? Especially considering others seem to have such an easy time of writing, typing away at their bestsellers, while you continue to struggle. This book is NOT shaping up quite as spectacularly as you imagined. YOU certainly wouldn’t read this thing, if you’re being honest with yourself. And you’re starting to realize there is more to writing a book than typing words on a page, and then another page. 

It takes skill to make characters feel real and human. It takes patience to handle all these pages without making a mess. It takes know-how to build an actual plot. It takes something close to magic to turn gibberish and half-baked thoughts into captivating prose. 

and the worst part of this is

that nothing you have tried, so far, seems to help. 

You wish you hadn't

bought that course after clicking on the sponsored ad that kept showing up on your newsfeed.

Or signed up for those conferences, summits, and 5-day challenges, believing you'd crack some secret code.

Or attended that writing Meetup, thinking you'd get more value than discouraging feedback and a superficial discussion of craft.

Or paid a “professional” editor, who did little more than rearrange sentences, correct your spelling, and insert a few comments to “develop this more.” 

Because now you have absolutely no hope whatsoever that your book will ever see the light of day. 

you are not alone

I know exactly how you feel, because I have experienced all of the above myself and have talked with thousands of writers who have been there too. I know just how demoralizing it is to try everything you can think of and still feel you have nothing to show for your efforts.  

the thing is, we all deserve

A better way of telling stories. To feel supported and empowered. To have the resources we need within easy reach. To know the exact steps that will lead to what we want: a finished and published book we are proud of. 

I’m here to tell you that your story came to you for a reason. That you are worthy of everything the writing life has to offer. That I have dedicated my life to telling stories and helping others do the same, because the world needs us.


stories and storytellers are so vital to me

that I decided to do something for myself and for everyone who wants to write life-changing books.  

I created the Author Exchange

an online community, mastermind, accelerator, course, forum, and resource library all wrapped into one, so that you can master writing techniques, discover your own unique genius, share your work with confidence, give and receive real feedback, turn ideas into page-turners, align your vision with the readers waiting for your story, & finish your book and publish it.


now you can stop struggling

and finally write the book readers are waiting for.

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