I'm Julie Tyler

Lifelong storyteller, writer, reader &
the founder of StoryBold.

storytelling is my passion

Ever since I wrote my first story at the age of five, I've dedicated my life to getting stories into the world. I've spent years in graduate school and beyond to understand how stories work, what they're made of, and why humankind can't survive without them.

Now, as a writing coach and community leader, I am committed to helping you get your story into the world. The fact that you've come to StoryBold means that our journeys align. We now have the opportunity to combine our talents, vision, experiences, and accomplishments to build your masterpiece.


about StoryBold

I created StoryBold to empower us all to step into our roles as storytellers. Just like me and every writer who seeks my support, you have reached a point where telling stories is more than a hobby or passion; it's your destiny. The stories inside your head are begging you to set them free, to get them on paper, and deliver them to the world.

Dare to tell your story now, because readers of today and tomorrow need to hear your message. Master the strategies and techniques that will keep your truth alive for generations to come.

I've built every aspect of StoryBold to help you create unforgettable characters, build countless storyworlds, develop a voice readers want to hear, form a publication strategy, and ultimately achieve commercial and literary success. 

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Now is the time to take action and get your story into the world.

"Before working with Julie, I had so many ideas and knew it was time to share my story, but I felt stuck. Now, with her guidance, I am conquering my fears, reaching more and more readers through my blog, and preparing to level up my efforts into a book! Julie empowers me to brainstorm topics and structure my writing, as well as discover my voice and trust it to deliver the right message to my ideal readers. I have so much more to share than I realized! Julie is a gem. The more you work with her, the more you’ll discover her gift for helping you tap into your own gifts."

Micki Rodriguez
writer & transformational coach

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personalized book coaching

Together, we'll give your book the heromessage, and voice it needs to get published and inspire readers.



Dive deep into high-priority topics in craft and learn alongside other writers in South Florida who are as passionate about telling stories as you are.


writing community

Meet your writer-friends, receive valuable feedback, and master craft through electrifying group learning experiences in South Florida.


writing retreats - coming soon!

Immerse yourself in a 3-day experience to build your book's framework and get the project off the ground.


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Book a free 15-minute call with me to bring clarity to your writing goals and map out the steps to achieve them.


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