write your book ... finally!

Get all the tools, steps, and strategies you need and NONE of the BS you don't! We're done forever with fear, procrastination, and confusion inside this COMPREHENSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP course. Let's bring your story to life!


you know a book is inside you. you already have the idea and want to get it on paper. you may even have some notes or a few chapters written. 

You just know your book will entertain, enlighten, and inspire people. You can't wait for the day when you can hold all 300 pages in your hand and say, "Yes, I wrote this. And yes, I was born to create this." 


you want so badly to unlock your potential and write this book, but for some reason you can't seem to make any headway ... 

Maybe it's because you just don't know WHEN you'll be able to find the time, with all your responsibilities. So you wait until the last hour of the day to pull out your book, when you're DEAD TIRED. You’re lucky if you can squeeze out a few sentences before you pass out. 

Or maybe it's because when you read the little bit you have written, you convince yourself it's garbage and no one will ever read it. So why bother?

Maybe it's because you compare yourself to Suzi over there, typing away on her next bestseller, and with a smile on her face, no less. 

This book is NOT shaping up quite as spectacularly as you imagined. So you STOP EVERYTHING to figure out what you're going to do.

  • Should you start over with a new book?
  • Master some new skill?
  • Crack some secret code?
  • Overhaul your entire schedule?

And while you’re doing all the “figuring out,” you aren’t writing new pages. The old pages are collecting dust and now you feel GUILT and SHAME, because time is sprinting past you at full speed and your book is STILL not done. 

Will your ideas ever see the light of day? EVER?

if you'd known writing a book was going to be like this, you probably would have never started. maybe you're just not cut out for it.

does this sound about right?

Here’s the thing: Your schedule is fine. Your story itself has tons of value for readers. What you need are clear strategies that eliminate the mystery, frustration, procrastination, and guilt. 

That's how I've designed this course: to teach you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, in the EXACT ORDER you need to do it, and at a pace that you can sustain.


through this course you will

  • Create incredible characters

  • Write riveting scenes

  • Build a page-turning plot

  • Discover your voice, the one that feels authentic and effortless

  • Unlock your greatness

  • Write with power and purpose


and you'll walk away with

  • A cast of characters you know better than you know yourself

  • A rock-solid framework for the book

  • A first chapter that hooks readers and keeps them reading all the way to the end

  • Pages and pages of new material for your current book

  • A new system for writing every book with ease and confidence

what this course offers

PHASE I: Craft characters readers never forget! 

Learn what characters really are, how they function inside a story, how to create your entire cast of characters and get them to do interesting things inside every scene.

PHASE II: Plot your story like a pro!

Discover the plot ingredients that get readers to turn pages, build your story start to finish, optimize your opening pages, and write so that every scene captures readers' attention.

PHASE III: Unleash your story's voice!

Discover what makes your voice irresistible and choose the stylistic features that will best deliver your message, showcase your characters + narrators, and get you HEARD on the page.

lifetime access to:

  • my most popular video modules and exercises, all in one place

  • bonus modules that will take your story to the next level

  • new modules added all the time

... in other words, everything you need to write your book!

join me inside

to become the storyteller you were born to be.

$397.00 [includes a free 1-1 session]


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