get your story into the world where it belongs

If you're here that means you are ready for a writing coach to provide close attention to what makes your story unique and what it needs to stand out. 


collaborating with me means

We go deeper than developmental editing to craft your story from idea, to manuscript, to published book. Our collaboration will save you valuable time, eliminate the mystery around what a story needs, and take you through the right process to publish your book and jumpstart your writing career.

Here's how we'll prepare your story for the world ...

discover & build

The first thing we'll do is establish your WHY in clear terms so that you have an intellectual and emotional basis for seeing your project through. Then, we'll lay the groundwork for your project, from creating a story arc and character profiles to identifying your ideal readers.

To produce the bulk of your manuscript, we'll build an outline and a step-by-step strategy based on your mission, genre, and audience.

revise & refine

When three-quarters of your manuscript is on paper, we'll update your WHY and bring it into alignment with your work. To bring the project to completion, we will turn our attention to amplifying your voice, optimizing the plot, and enriching each of your characters so that your story ultimately delivers its message to an audience of enthusiastic readers. 

prepare for publication

In the final stages of our collaboration, we will build your portfolio of publication materials, including query letters and/or a proposal, a synopsis, comparison titles, a logline, elevator pitch, and author bio.

We will also hand-select literary agents and publishers who are looking for a book like yours and schedule your submissions for best results.   

i'll be your guide

To work with me is to have my full attention and guidance along your journey as a writer. Together, we'll turn notes and bullet points into paragraphs, pages, scenes, and chapters that captivate an audience.


"I've dreamed of publishing a novel since elementary school, but when I started to actually write one, I underestimated how difficult it would be. I've written professionally before and I thought I could type up the first version of my manuscript, fix a few commas, and submit to publishers. While I did crank out 300 rough pages fast, the real work was still ahead of me and it turns out I was at a loss for what to do next. But when I started working with Julie, who is organized and dedicated to my success, I felt like I was earning an honorary MFA in the craft of storytelling. With her, I'm telling my story as it deserves to be told and I feel confident about submitting it to agents. I love seeing my story come to life! When I compare my first drafts to now, I can't believe how much I've developed as a writer. With Julie's help, my lifelong dream is becoming a reality."

Kate Kishel
fiction writer

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