your fast-track to creating the story, hero, and message the world needs

I lead three-day retreats to help you align your purpose and message with your story and its hero, so that you walk away with scenes and chapters that truly capture the hearts of your audience.    

My retreats are for you if

You want more than just a getaway to write in silence. You want to fill your three days with active learning and purposeful writing. You want those three days to be structured, designed, and delivered expressly for your success. You are ready to discover exactly who you are as a storyteller and the gifts your story will offer to the world.

Here is what we'll build together

day 1 - meet your hero

We will meet your story's hero and supporting cast, build a story arc, outline chapters, and write brand new scenes.

day 2 - design your story

We will craft the finer-features of your story, including your narrative, voice, setting, and themes. 

day 3 - refine your message

We will align your your mission and message, the story you're telling, and the readers who can't wait to encounter it.

By the end of day three

You will also have a roadmap to guide you along the next six months of writing a book. Altogether, the components we build and the friendships you make will get you further FASTER along your writing journey. You will save valuable time and feel way more confident about the process than you will going it alone.

i love leading immersive experiences

Stepping away from our normal routines and immersing ourselves in a learning experience is always transformative. When we spend three three high-powered days together plotting, planning, and crafting a book, we will all become the storytellers we were always meant to be.  

looking for workshops?

In the heart of Miami, Florida, I teach workshops on high-priority topics in the craft of storytelling. 


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