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In the heart of Miami, a vibrant community of writers awaits you. We are here to honor your creative vision, give you the feedback you need to make the very best decisions for your writing, and help you see your project through to completion.


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When I first moved to Miami, I found it difficult to find friends who were writers like me, people I could talk to about the characters and stories we loved most, about the projects we were working on. Where was the community I craved? Where was there a regular gathering of like-minded people who were committed to the success of every writer in the group? 

One day, I decided to stop looking and simply create a writing community myself. After organizing gatherings that would make sure that every attendee received solid feedback and support, the community quickly became the go-to place in Miami for writers who are serious about their work. 

In our midst, you will learn to share your work with confidence and consider a broad range of responses. 

I train each member of the community to offer feedback that truly empowers other writers. As a result, we all raise our awareness of craft and build strong friendships in the process.

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Miami Storytellers

This meetup welcomes writers who are telling stories through fiction, non-fiction, or memoir! Our laser-sharp focus on the craft of storytelling, from who your character is to how to liven up your plot, will provide you with invaluable insights.


Miami Creative Writers

Here, we welcome writers of any genre, from fiction and memoir, to poetry, essays, and blogs. The variety of ways we celebrate the written word and support members as they discover which genres are calling their name is what makes these events powerful.


"Attending Julie's Meetups means I get invaluable feedback from sharp and observant fellow writers. It's so important to know where your work stands before you publish and Julie does a phenomenal job of making sure that everyone gets a chance to share a story and truly be heard and supported. My favorite aspect of this group is that members come from all over the world, including Latin America, Europe, Lebanon, and India, and bring such varied life experiences to the table. We all have a story. We are all characters in our own right. And we're all committed to exchanging feedback and offering support."

Kate Kishel
fiction writer

"Seventy-four miles I drive, from Palm Beach to Miami Beach, but I endure this long drive for one reason: Storytellers. At Miami Storytellers, you will grow as a writer. Julie and the group listen intently; they give honest feedback. Not only do you learn the strengths and challenges of your writing, but you learn to be brave. Here, when it’s your turn to share and you’re looking down that long table, petrified of what others might think, what you’ll actually find are friends, friends who are eager to hear your story and witness your success, because–as you shall find–you will be wishing for theirs. Come to Miami Storytellers, tell your story. As a better writer than me once said about the art of writing, 'If you’re going to try, go all the way.'"

Boris Aguilar
teacher & fiction writer

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To help master your craft and shorten your story's path to publication, I offer these additional learning experiences:

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Get the personal guidance you need from a writer dedicated to your success. 


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Discover the elements of storytelling and the techniques to help you master them.


writing retreats

Coming soon! Build your book's framework and get the project off the ground in 3 days.


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